Still Discovering EP

by Tanya Thomas

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released July 12, 2011

Publishing: ENOGA Publishing
Executive Producer: Clifton Ellens and Randolph Zuniga
Mix and Mastered by: Drew Allsbrook (

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Album Art: Arnold Randall (
Album Cover Photo courtesy of Byron Atienza (


all rights reserved



Tanya Thomas California

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Track Name: Joy Like Sunshine
You know that feeling, sun is shining, breeze is blowing
Somehow you know that what’s in store might make a perfect day
There’s something special, bout ordinary
Just wanna feel the warmth beat down on me like Sunday morning

Sun is speakin… Joy in life, there’s joy in breathin
Each ray of light tells me that I’ve got reason to give praise
And find the special… in ordinary
This perfect joy will make you praise your God like Sunday morning


Joy like sunshine… Joy like sunshine
Joy in just bein, feelin, living in His gift of grace
Joy like sunshine… Joy like sunshine
You feel the passion, presence over you, sweet warm embrace

This day, you feel alive
Just like the crashing tides
Watch clouds as they pass by
Whats this? Its joy like sunshine
Nothing to spoil the day
Like kids, go out and play
Just push that stress away
Oh yeah, its joy like sunshine

Life gets busy… work is draining, friendships fading
Just need to take a sec, to catch your breath, and just unwind
And take some pleasure, in ordinary
Sit in the quiet glow of sunrise on a Sunday morning


Joy like sunshine(repeats)
I got joy, I got joy
Track Name: Only You
This world is full of raging seas, kinda like the one in me
This world could use some more hope in it, don’t you think?
This world will never satisfy your needs, so stop trying
There’s One to calm the raging wind into a breeze…


Only You… Perfectly faithful, you feel my every pain
Love me purely, never leave me, Only You…
You… you see forever, until the end of days
Now and then, until the end Lord, Only You

My world is one big raging sea, the waves they crash within
My world depends on hope you freely give
My world has you to satisfy my needs, I’ve stopped trying
You reached out and turned the storm into a breeze…


Only you… only you… can satisfy me
Only you… only you… always beside me
Only you… only you… can be what I need
Only you… only you… I believe

Track Name: Save Time
Don’t wanna wake up one day
thinking of all the times I should have played
or dreamed, or stop to think
maybe just hold that hug one second more

I know you teach through silence
stop and breath and you are there with me
Just rushing, cant stop moving long enough to hear your still small voice


Right now its sayin save time (x4)

Don’t wanna think, “I missed it”
Don’t wanna wish my life away
So caught up, so so caught up
Thinking ahead before I’ve lived right now

Don’t you know that life is precious
Don’t forget that life is precious!
How can we, ever stop dreamin
Laughing, thanking God for his still small voice

Repeat CHORUS (x3)
Track Name: Believer
I believe, I believe, I believe…. I believe, I believe

I believe your power
I believe your glory
I believe your worthy of all praise

I believe your mercy
I believe your holy
I believe you came to show the way


I’m a believer… believe that you are the only one
I’m a believer…. Believe every victory you’ve won
I’m a believer… believe for me everything you’ve done
I’m a believer… I’m a believer…

I believe you comfort
I believe you hear me
I believe you came to set me free

I believe you conquer
I believe you rescue
I believe you died, just for me


I believe (you mend the broken hearts, you bring us through the dark, we’ll never have a lonely day, I believe, just believe) REPEAT
Track Name: Who We Are
It was early in the morning, all his bags were packed, ready to go…
Where he would go she did not know
She was just a little girl, and her daddy was her world
She could never know why it was he had to go

He bent down to see her face, full of beauty and her mother’s grace
His tears betray his smile, how could he leave this precious child?
But he headed for the door, left her wondering what for
In her simple mind she thought he’d stay if she’d done more


Life will make you cry, tragedies that make you sit and wonder why,
(these things shape who we, these things shape who we are)
But it forces you to grow
Friends you know and love, but they all come and go
(these things shape who we, these things shape who we are)

He had a car, a girl, and tons of friends, he was a boy but thought he was a man…
He didn’t need his mom to hold his hand
Then he moved away from home, left his mama all alone
He got so busy that he rarely called her on the phone

Then his mama got real sick, something that they couldn’t fix
Before long her time was done, why wasn’t he a better son?
He took all her love for granted, only thought of what he wanted
Time ran out he never said ‘thank you’ for all that she’d invested


Things will happen you can’t control
when they do just make sure you know
Even from the bad things you’ll grow
You’ll be even stronger than you know

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